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Dive deep into this shimmering newsletter crafted by Esme Crutchley, your ever-curious Entreprenerd. Delivered straight to your inbox (almost) every week, it's a comprehensive dive into the world of entrepreneurship. From the magic of processes, systems, and productivity to the roller coaster ride of wins, fails, and all the shiny moments solo businesses experience.Fair heads-up: These newsletters can be generously packed, and tend to be richer in terms of content, every word is worth the read.And a sprinkle of caution: My words may dazzle, but they also come with a touch of profanity.
So, brace yourself for some lively expressions!

entrepreneurship is bloody hard.
systems and glitter shares uncommon knowledge and bloody obvious observations to make shit easier.

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start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

- Arthur Ashe

love for systems and glitter

nice things people have said

Damnit @EsmeCrutchley...that newsletter of yours is so good and beautiful, and then I click on the link to the website and.... 40 mins later.. Great content, love your stuff! Keep 'em coming!
Is there a newsletter that you read every single time they send it? Like it's that valuable? @sodarntom @jamesclear Lately @EsmeCrutchley. Trying to decrease the amount of incoming information, and with all due respect, many newsletters are about stuff I a
Hey! I totally had no idea about this and very much appreciate the time you spent putting it all into a digestible email. Now you know you helped at LEAST one person (I'm sure many others, too). Thanks again for the great newsletter. :)
Great newsletter today! You outlined the changes and what we need to do REALLY well, in an easy to understand format. I just wanted to tell you I loved it, and thanks for getting this info out there! I honestly had no idea.
Another shoutout to @esmecrutchley and her awesome, brilliantly different, and very much worth reading newsletter. A big thank you to Esme who is the first person I've seen in the industry talk about several topics now, including how to make your content m

We are drowning in information but
starved for knowledge.

- John Naisbitt

systems and glitter mission

Discover the Magic Within Everyday Tech.

Ever caught yourself holding onto a piece of tech wisdom, thinking, "Well, doesn’t everyone know this?"
You're not alone. Many of us are dazzled daily by countless apps, uncovering shortcuts and hacks. But in a sea of assumed common knowledge, we often silently hoard these insights, perhaps fearing we'd appear too basic.
But here's the twist: Not everyone knows what you know.Enter Systems and Glitter.Created as a sparkly beacon in the tech jungle, this is where I spill my digital discoveries, from newfound app tricks to savvy workarounds. Sure, I don't have the map to every secret passage, but I've got a compass that points to some pretty exciting places.A decade into my entrepreneurial journey, I'm still a student, picking up fresh tidbits in this ever-shifting tech terrain. With every new app I dive into or program I navigate for clients, there's a lesson.
And every shiny discovery? I’m here to share it.
So, why Systems and Glitter?Because if even a nugget of my knowledge lights up someone's path, helping them make a bigger impact, then this mission sparkles even brighter.

if it's more faff than fun, fuck it off

- Esme Crutchley

About Esme

just in case you're wondering!

I'm a systems nerd and lover of all things process & operations. I love creating SOPs, wikis, docs, how-to guides, walkthroughs, and videos. Unlike others, I love an empty page, the possibilities are endless! Twitter is my happy place, where you'll mostly find me swearing about automation or sharing exciting use cases in a 'productivity' app or four! Check out my About page on my website for more info.Most used 'productivity' apps
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Roles & Certificates
Director of Operations, The Rootvik Agency Founder & CEO, Esme Crutchley, and Systems & Glitter DOO, Dog Daddy Gamer Notion Ambassador & Certified (not Consultant) ClickUp Verified Expert & Ambassador Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and American Psychological Association (APA).
Under-grad - English Literature & Philosophy Post-grads - English Literature, Culture & Modernity; 1860 to 1960, and Psychology Post-nominal letters - BA, PG Dip, MSc, GMBPsS.

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